The Petals team is pleased to announce the release of Petals 1.0 M4

You can download the binary and source distribution at in the download section.

New features:


  • Multiple Petals containers can be launched and work together in a distributed way.

Binding Components

  • A SOAP-BC with X Linker
  • A JMS-BC


Maven plugin for xlinker :

  • Java2WSDL
  • Java2WSAR
  • Wsdl2Java


The Mortgage demonstrator has been added.


  • New web site.
  • Documentation of all the new components, tools and demonstrators has been added.
  • Documentation updated to fit with Petals improvements.

Coming soon

The Petals 1.0 final version will be available on september.

Non blocking bug

  • auto installation : In some cases, during the auto installation of components (by copying a component's archive into install directory), the 'forceDelete() : Unable to delete xxx ...' message can appear. This message does not block the installation of the component.

Known Bugs

  • JNDI distributed directory bug : Only containers started on the same computer can work together. When two containers with the same configuration are started on different container, they configure themself in the right way but during the installation of component, the JNDI directory is not updated in the other containers. Restrictions
  • Attachments : Attachments are not supported in this version. Due to this restriction, the FileTransfert BindingComponent does not work.
  • Message content : The content of NormalizedMessage is a Source type. Only StreamSource are managed in this version.

The Petals team is pleased to announce the release of Petals 1.0 M3

You can download the binary and source distribution, and the article, at

New features :


  • Management of synchronous send, and a better management of MessageExchange lifecycle
  • Ant tasks
  • Recover capability, allowing to stop-restart Petals and keep all components or service-assemblies states
  • Simpliest http-jmx management for JBI, with a special 'PetalsView' tab in the http-jmx console

Binding Components

  • A SOAP-BC with Axis
  • An SMTP-BC
  • A FileTransfert-BC

(plus an early version of a Celtix-BC)


As a first tool, a simple webapp is available, to perfom install/start and shutdown/uninstall process.


More documentation about the architecture is also available on the wiki.

Project infrastructure

Petals project now uses Maven2. Tests and code coverage have been intensively added.

Coming soon

The major feature of the next milestone will be the distributed environment support of Petals.

The Petals team announces the release of Petals 1.0 M2

This milestone implements 100% of the JBI APIs and provides :

  • Component Framework implementation
  • Installation Service for JBI components installation
  • Deployment Service for component artefacts deployment
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Normalized Message Router

Architecture has been refactored to be based on the ObjectWeb component model Fractal :

  • JMX administration based on Fractal JMX and MX4J
  • Logging based on Monolog integration via a Fractal mixin

It includes several examples and a Getting started guide is available on the project's wiki.

This version provides a standalone JBI container. Stay tuned for the next milestones which will provide the distribution and cluster features.

You can download the binary and source distribution at




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