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Here is a really simple post about how to push REST services in the Cloud. Nothing really technical nor advanced, just some notes and sample using amazing tools CXF + Heroku… Last time I was speaking about putting some SOAP Web services in the Cloud with Heroku, this time it is the same with REST […]

Almost true… In fact Petals DSB uses and extends Petals ESB in several ways. When I started to think about extending the Enterprise Service Bus, it was just to avoid all the JBI stuff at the management level i.e. use a real, simple and efficient API. So I added many management stuff exposed as Web […]

Story, code, compare Yet another ‘nightly project’ (thanks to current house build project and the lack of sleep it brings). This time I needed to be able to manage the so-famous Service Bus from some Web enabled tooling. I already developed such tool in a research project but the fact is that the licence of […]

The Context In the previous post I was introducing some tests I did with Play Framework and Web sockets. To summarize, it was just ‘about’ receiving messages on the Play! application and pushing them to the browser. This time, let’s go one step forward: Let’s add some infrastructure stuff to do something more real… In […]

Let’s introduce what it means… While Petals ESB does not provide any solution to invoke services directly from the kernel/component Java code, the DSB now provides a solution for that… By using this DSB feature, we can really use the power of service oriented architecture directly in our code. No more direct calls to services, […]

En tout cas cela est vrai pour les API exposées sur le Web, je ne suis pas vraiment sûr que ce soit le cas en entreprise… Bref, je pense que j’avais déjà parlé de ce déclin il y a quelque temps mais je vais en reparler tout de même un petit peu. Toujours est il […]

Sanjiva Weerawarana (CEO de WSO2, oui bon je fais de la pub pour les concurrents de PetalsLink) vient de publier un article très intéressant sur son parcours et sur toutes ses contributions autour des Web Services quand il travaillait chez IBM et sur ce qu’il fait depuis qu’il a fondé WSO2. This is a historic [...]




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