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Story, code, compare Yet another ‘nightly project’ (thanks to current house build project and the lack of sleep it brings). This time I needed to be able to manage the so-famous Service Bus from some Web enabled tooling. I already developed such tool in a research project but the fact is that the licence of […]

The Context In the previous post I was introducing some tests I did with Play Framework and Web sockets. To summarize, it was just ‘about’ receiving messages on the Play! application and pushing them to the browser. This time, let’s go one step forward: Let’s add some infrastructure stuff to do something more real… In […]

Oui, à chacun sa façon de s’amuser… Je viens d’ajouter une feature dans le Petals Distributed Service Bus qui me trottait dans la tête depuis un petit moment: Pouvoir invoquer des services techniques (distants ou pas) du coeur du DSB en utilisant la couche de transport naturellement utilisée pour invoquer des services métiers (les services […]




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