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Hi, Here is a step-by-step tutorial to explain how to set up your workspace to work on a RCP application hosted on Git and built with Maven + Tycho. Luckily, I have such an application under the hand. It is called Petals Studio and it is available under the EPL license. This article aims at [...]

I have recently introduced the use of Tycho to build a RCP application in my company. Formerly, I was using PDE to export it manually. In the meantime, I also changed the underlying platform, passing from Galileo to Helios. One thing to know is that the product is based on features, and that one of [...]

Depuis ses débuts, le projet Petals Studio souffrait d’une grosse lacune (enfin, une parmi d’autres) : les builds n’étaient pas scriptés. J’appréhendais beaucoup cette étape, dans la mesure où j’avais pu observer dans le projet Eclipse STP toutes les difficultés qu’une telle entreprise pouvait représenter. Les builds de STP s’appuyaient sur un projet qui s’appelle [...]




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