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For those who did not follow GMF Tooling development in the last year, then let’s say that you missed a complex history. Since most of the contributors have changed, GMF Tooling had trouble to set up a new efficient leadership, had trouble to provide builds, did not succeed to get into the Indigo release train, [...]

Back on SoftShake

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28 Oct 2011

SoftShake 2011 was now several weeks ago! This was a very nice conference, quite well organized, with different tracks that make easy for you to always find something interesting to learn. Some sessions I liked Before speaking of the sessions I like, I have to say that there were a lot of sessions in just [...]

I have recently been really pleased to see that I was accepted as a speaker for the SoftShake conference, that takes place in Geneva on the 3rd and 4th of October. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people, to learn about new trendy technologies and methodologies, but also to teach to the [...]

Unfortuantely, GMF Tooling did not have enough resources to get in the latest Indigo release traine. However, this was just an exception: GMF Tooling is already back on the Juno train! In order to be more reactive to the release train requirement, GMF Tooling moved its build to Tycho, making the build system quite easy [...]

The first Eclipse DemoCamp in Grenoble took place on Tuesday. With 25 attendees, it was a very good opportunity to meet people who are well-known in the Eclipse community, but also some new people who start using Eclipse to develop plugins to resolve very interesting use-cases. Here is a small summary of the event (Thanks [...]




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