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One more video of a talk I gave at OW2Con 2012 about a research project I am working on since two years now called Play (and not the play framework…). "The PLAY project develops an elastic and reliable architecture for dynamic and complex, event-driven interaction in large highly distributed and heterogeneous service systems. Such an […]

Here is the video of a quick talk I gave two weeks ago at OW2Con 2012 dealing with Petals Enterprise Service Bus. He gives some background about what is Petals, how it can be used, why it is a distributed runtime, what is really new in the last version and finally what is planned in […]

The videos of all the OW2Con2011 have been published to the OW2 Youtube channel. My talk about Petals BPM and The Cloud is also available. You are right, I need to smile more, be less tired and have a demo of the BPM editor working on low resolution displays… BTW, the demo of the DSB Monitoring & […]

I was in Paris last week for the OW2 annual conference and I gave a talk called "Petals BPM and the Cloud" during the Open Cloud Summit Session (wow what a name!). This talk was about showing that we have things running and ready to be published in the Cloud. As I said during my […]

This year again, I submitted a talk proposal to the OW2 annual conference and it has just been approved by the OW2 management office. While last year I spoke about some conceptual things around the Distributed Service Bus and the Cloud, this year I will go one step further with some live demonstrations not only […]

Ca y est, le call pour OW2Con 2011 est lancé, il n’y a plus qu’à y répondre! Sur la lignée de ce que j’ai présenté l’an dernier, je pense soumettre quelque chose plus axé sur une démonstration en montrant la chaine complète SOA et BPM orientée Cloud que nous sommes en train de développer activement au département R&D […]

La semaine dernière je publiais les slides de mon talk sur la SOA et le Cloud à OW2Con 2010, cette semaine la vidéo est finalement en ligne… Finalement, parler (en anglais) devant une centaine de personnes n’est pas si difficile et c’est même très motivant, il me tarde déjà la prochaine fois! Classé dans:Conference Tagged: conference, […]

Aujourd’hui et demain se tient la conférence annuelle du consortium Open Source OW2 à Paris. Je prendrais un peu de temps pour raconter un peu tout ce qu’il s’est passé, mais en attendant voici quelques slides de ma présentation sur notre vision SOA dans le Cloud; "Cloud Aware Large Scale Distributed SOA" que j’avais introduit […]




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