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The guys from the Petals BPM team just released a new alpha version of Petals BPM, a Web-based, open source BPM modeler. New features mainly deals with collaboration and choregraphy design which are part of BPMN 2.0 specification. A complete release note is available at . There is also a deployment module which allows […]

As some of you may know, I am developing QuickHubApp dealing with git, GitHub and OS X. GitHub is currently The place to be and as an open source Java developer we will need soon to… Read More

The videos of all the OW2Con2011 have been published to the OW2 Youtube channel. My talk about Petals BPM and The Cloud is also available. You are right, I need to smile more, be less tired and have a demo of the BPM editor working on low resolution displays… BTW, the demo of the DSB Monitoring & […]

I was in Paris last week for the OW2 annual conference and I gave a talk called "Petals BPM and the Cloud" during the Open Cloud Summit Session (wow what a name!). This talk was about showing that we have things running and ready to be published in the Cloud. As I said during my […]

This year again, I submitted a talk proposal to the OW2 annual conference and it has just been approved by the OW2 management office. While last year I spoke about some conceptual things around the Distributed Service Bus and the Cloud, this year I will go one step further with some live demonstrations not only […]

I spent one hour playing with the [Play Framework]( and WebSockets in order to push some (SOAP) messages received on some Web services hosted by the Play application to the clients browser. The result is really amazing: We can simply push these SOAP messages to clients in less than 100 lines of code. There are […]

Dédramatiser le Bus de Service que je développe depuis 2 ou 3 ans, tel est le but de ces quelques slides que j’ai présenté à l’équipe R&D la semaine dernière…   Classé dans:Uncategorized Tagged: esb, jaxws, jbi, Open source, opensource, PEtALS, petalslink, Service-oriented architecture, SOA

Le projet PLAY ne déroge pas à la règle de la vidéo explicative et voici donc la première expliquant un scénario d’utilisation avec le fameux Paul… Classé dans:Play Tagged: eda, esb, event, marketplace, Open source, opensource, PEtALS, petalslink, Service-oriented architecture, SOA, video, WebService

PetalsLink ce n’est pas juste Petals ESB. C’est aussi toute une collection d’outils complémentaires pour créer une véritable pile Open Source. Bertand Escudié, Président de PetalsLink, donne un aperçu de notre vision dans cette vidéo tournée lors de SolutionsLinux 2011. Tant qu’on y est, PetalsLink s’agrandit et cherche des consultants pour développer le business sur […]

Comme le reste des talks proposés par la communauté OW2 à OSCON 2011, le mien a aussi été rejeté. Pourtant le titre sonnait bien "Cloud Service Bus – a public, private and hybrid cloud integration approach for SOA" .Bizarre… Serait ce parce que nous ne sommes pas sponsor de la conf, parce que nous sommes mauvais, […]




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