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I have 2 applications that should work together. These applications are end-user applications. The link between them is in fact the system’s clipboard (this is a Windows 7′s use case, but it might be encountered on other platforms). Basically, the idea is that the user selects an image in the first application and copies it [...]

Just a very short snippet to show how one may access schema elements from a WSDL definition by using WSDL4J. javax.wsdl.xml.WSDLReader wsdlReader11 = javax.wsdl.factory.WSDLFactory.newInstance().newWSDLReader(); Definition def = wsdlReader11.readWSDL( wsdlUri ); for( Object o : def.getTypes().getExtensibilityElements()) { if( o instanceof javax.wsdl.extensions.schema.Schema ) { org.w3c.dom.Element elt = ((javax.wsdl.extensions.schema.Schema) o).getElement(); // Navigate in the DOM model of the [...]

When you create a JAX-WS client for a Web Service, you may encounter troubles to monitor the SOAP messages that transit between the client and the service. Indeed, this is how JAX-WS proceeds: The client knows the URL of the WSDL (in the class which is annotated with @WebServiceClient). So, first, the client retrieves the [...]

MTOM is not working

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28 Sep 2010

I know. This is an enticing title. It’s just that I spent about 3 hours this afternoon to succeed in invoking a service with a Java client that had MTOM enabled. It was not the first time that I did that. But this afternoon, I could not make it work. No way. I knew my [...]




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