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As some of you may know, I am developing QuickHubApp dealing with git, GitHub and OS X. GitHub is currently The place to be and as an open source Java developer we will need soon to… Read More

One more time, one more tiny (and maybe useful in some cases…) application with Play!. WTF, my server is dead again!? This app is a simple heartbeat manager looking at remote HTTP services and notifying you by email when something becomes unreachable. It uses the background Job feature of the Play framework and just does […]

I started to develop QuickHub some weeks ago by focusing on features and without taking into account security issues such as this critical information which are login and password credentials… As mentioned in the GitHub developer pages, I started to use Basic Auth for all the requests QuickHub does to get retrieve data from GitHub. […]

I am a big fan of Twitter and last week devoxx live tweet wall ( ) just made me want to create an open source live tweet wall. So last saturday night, I took some time to code it using the now well known Play! framework, some Web sockets and Twitter4J which supports the […]

Some weeks ago I was looking for an OS X GitHub client. Not a client like the official GitHub client which is one of the best OS X app I ever see and which mainly deals with raw git stuff, but one which can allow me to access to my repositories, organizations, issues and gists. […]

Petals Studio is now on Git!

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28 Sep 2011

Petals Studio, the Eclipse-based application for Petals ESB, is now on Git.
You can get the source code on Petals Link’s Git repository or at GitHub.
And many thanks to Mickaël for the migration.

Story, code, compare Yet another ‘nightly project’ (thanks to current house build project and the lack of sleep it brings). This time I needed to be able to manage the so-famous Service Bus from some Web enabled tooling. I already developed such tool in a research project but the fact is that the licence of […]

The Context In the previous post I was introducing some tests I did with Play Framework and Web sockets. To summarize, it was just ‘about’ receiving messages on the Play! application and pushing them to the browser. This time, let’s go one step forward: Let’s add some infrastructure stuff to do something more real… In […]




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