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As some of you may know, I am developing QuickHubApp dealing with git, GitHub and OS X. GitHub is currently The place to be and as an open source Java developer we will need soon to… Read More

I have recently committed in the Eclipse BPEL Designer some patches that were contributed in our Bugzilla. This fact itself is not important. However, I used the Git command apply and kept the author name in the commit. I had never used this feature before, but it is extremely powerful. And very convenient to track [...]

… or less! Heroku is defined as a "Cloud application platform". I just want to redefine it to "Awesome Cloud application Platform". So, this awesome platform provides a way to host and scale your application in the Cloud really easily with 3 or 4 commands… Since I am currently working on my talk at #OW2Con […]

Some weeks ago I was looking for an OS X GitHub client. Not a client like the official GitHub client which is one of the best OS X app I ever see and which mainly deals with raw git stuff, but one which can allow me to access to my repositories, organizations, issues and gists. […]

Hi, Here is a step-by-step tutorial to explain how to set up your workspace to work on a RCP application hosted on Git and built with Maven + Tycho. Luckily, I have such an application under the hand. It is called Petals Studio and it is available under the EPL license. This article aims at [...]

Petals Studio is now on Git!

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28 Sep 2011

Petals Studio, the Eclipse-based application for Petals ESB, is now on Git.
You can get the source code on Petals Link’s Git repository or at GitHub.
And many thanks to Mickaël for the migration.




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