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Here is the video of a quick talk I gave two weeks ago at OW2Con 2012 dealing with Petals Enterprise Service Bus. He gives some background about what is Petals, how it can be used, why it is a distributed runtime, what is really new in the last version and finally what is planned in […]

Last week at OW2Con, Talend CTO talked about their data and service integration solution. This sentence impressed me (almost this one, not sure it was so short): We have more than 500 connectors! Wow! Great, let’s have a look to that! What is a connector? In the Petals ESB context connectors are the bindings represented […]

Last week was the first annual review meeting of the Play project I work on since one year. I am involved at several levels in this project: from the architecture point of view, to the software integration and quality ones. On my side, my goal is to provide the efficient software infrastructure for events actors, […]

Almost true… In fact Petals DSB uses and extends Petals ESB in several ways. When I started to think about extending the Enterprise Service Bus, it was just to avoid all the JBI stuff at the management level i.e. use a real, simple and efficient API. So I added many management stuff exposed as Web […]

This year again, I submitted a talk proposal to the OW2 annual conference and it has just been approved by the OW2 management office. While last year I spoke about some conceptual things around the Distributed Service Bus and the Cloud, this year I will go one step further with some live demonstrations not only […]

I explained in the last articles how I tested the Play Framework, Web sockets and how I integrated all this nice stuff with a real example based on a Service Bus, Web services Notifications, etc… This time, let’s go one step further. We have a Service Bus which is Web service notification enabled like last […]

Story, code, compare Yet another ‘nightly project’ (thanks to current house build project and the lack of sleep it brings). This time I needed to be able to manage the so-famous Service Bus from some Web enabled tooling. I already developed such tool in a research project but the fact is that the licence of […]

The Context In the previous post I was introducing some tests I did with Play Framework and Web sockets. To summarize, it was just ‘about’ receiving messages on the Play! application and pushing them to the browser. This time, let’s go one step forward: Let’s add some infrastructure stuff to do something more real… In […]

Dédramatiser le Bus de Service que je développe depuis 2 ou 3 ans, tel est le but de ces quelques slides que j’ai présenté à l’équipe R&D la semaine dernière…   Classé dans:Uncategorized Tagged: esb, jaxws, jbi, Open source, opensource, PEtALS, petalslink, Service-oriented architecture, SOA

Le projet PLAY ne déroge pas à la règle de la vidéo explicative et voici donc la première expliquant un scénario d’utilisation avec le fameux Paul… Classé dans:Play Tagged: eda, esb, event, marketplace, Open source, opensource, PEtALS, petalslink, Service-oriented architecture, SOA, video, WebService




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