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Pour ceux qui auraient loupé l’information, Petals ESB vient de sortir dans sa version 4.1. Il est accompagné d’une version de maintenance du studio (1.3.2). Ce dernier corrige des bugs qui avaient été reportés sur la version précdente. Alors, que nous réserve cette nouvelle mouture de Petals ? Pour moi, Petals 4.1 marque le passage […]

One more new release of OW2-EasyWSDL, the WSDL manipulation library.
The EasyWSDL team is pleased to announce the release of EasyWSDL 1.3
You can download it from:
Available in this version :

Fix some bugs
Improve import/include management
Use URL instead of URI in WSDL reader
Add SimpleContent tag management
Change artifact name (More maven compliant…)

More information is available on EasyWSDL website:

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OW2 EasyWSDL WSDL manipulation library has just been released. This release fix many bugs and introduces some new tooling such as java2wsdl (create WSDL from Java interfaces) and xsd2xml (create XML from XSD definition).
EasyWSDL is easy since you can manipulate both WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 with the same object model.

// Read a WSDL 1.1 [...]

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