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Here is a really simple post about how to push REST services in the Cloud. Nothing really technical nor advanced, just some notes and sample using amazing tools CXF + Heroku… Last time I was speaking about putting some SOAP Web services in the Cloud with Heroku, this time it is the same with REST […]

… or less! Heroku is defined as a "Cloud application platform". I just want to redefine it to "Awesome Cloud application Platform". So, this awesome platform provides a way to host and scale your application in the Cloud really easily with 3 or 4 commands… Since I am currently working on my talk at #OW2Con […]

…ou comment se battre quelques heures avec les ClassLoaders… Le contexte J’aimerais bien pouvoir démarrer une WebApp depuis un Jetty embarqué dans mon application et rendre accessible des objets de mon application dans la WebApp. Le problème Mon application et ma WebApp ont deux ClassLoaders bien distincts = Problème de ‘ClassCastException’ L’explication de la solution [...]




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