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As some of you may know, I am developing QuickHubApp dealing with git, GitHub and OS X. GitHub is currently The place to be and as an open source Java developer we will need soon to… Read More

I have recently committed in the Eclipse BPEL Designer some patches that were contributed in our Bugzilla. This fact itself is not important. However, I used the Git command apply and kept the author name in the commit. I had never used this feature before, but it is extremely powerful. And very convenient to track [...]

This is a blog post to sum up some of my thoughts I shared on the Nebula-dev mailing list with Wim Jongmam and later on Twitter with Zoltán Ujhelyi and Dave Carver about naming build types at and scheduling them. It is a topic open to debate. My goal with it is to find [...]

Hi, I have just added a new way to create BPEL processes in the BPEL Designer. This feature allows to generate a BPEL skeleton from a WSDL port type. Roughly, it means we can generate BPEL processes that implement a given interface. In SOA, such a top-down approach is quite useful. It allows to be [...]

I recently had to work with the WSDL metamodel from Eclipse WTP. I thought it may be useful to compare it with other WSDL parsing solutions. Notice that I will focus on Java solutions here. A quick introduction to WSDL WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language. It is a W3C specification to describe the [...]

For those who did not follow GMF Tooling development in the last year, then let’s say that you missed a complex history. Since most of the contributors have changed, GMF Tooling had trouble to set up a new efficient leadership, had trouble to provide builds, did not succeed to get into the Indigo release train, [...]

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28 Oct 2011

SoftShake 2011 was now several weeks ago! This was a very nice conference, quite well organized, with different tracks that make easy for you to always find something interesting to learn. Some sessions I liked Before speaking of the sessions I like, I have to say that there were a lot of sessions in just [...]

Hi, Here is a step-by-step tutorial to explain how to set up your workspace to work on a RCP application hosted on Git and built with Maven + Tycho. Luckily, I have such an application under the hand. It is called Petals Studio and it is available under the EPL license. This article aims at [...]

As I am working on trying to build SWTBot with Tycho, I find out a mistake that is quite common with SWTBot and that makes test failing with Tycho whereas they work with some more “opaque” builders. When you write a UI test, your test does depend on UI components you use. This dependency is [...]

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I have recently been really pleased to see that I was accepted as a speaker for the SoftShake conference, that takes place in Geneva on the 3rd and 4th of October. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people, to learn about new trendy technologies and methodologies, but also to teach to the [...]




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